Editorial Review Process


The first round consists of scrutiny of articles by an internal committee of editorial board, looking for compliance of norms as per the notification.

Second Round consists of double-blind, by the panels of editors who review the article for publication with comments as to publishable/not publishable or publishable with modifications. This process includes

  1. checked for plagiarism, the threshold for acceptable similarity is 15%. After the plagiarism check, the editors prepare a thorough review of the manuscript and
  2. reviewed on the basis of a five-point system. it is judged on the basis of five-point criteria as listed below:
  • Level of Research
  • Originality and Relevance
  • Grammar and Language
  • Clarity and Logical Argument
  • Publishability

Furthermore, the reviewers will give a detailed review, explaining their opinions.

Third Round starts with an elimination process based on the relative merit of each of the submissions by the Board of Editors. The editors are required to review the submissions in detail. Based on the requirement of the Journals the submissions are accepted for publication.

In the Fourth-Round editing process starts to make it unform and publishable by a panel of editors. These editors will work on the article until publication. This process involves four steps: source verification, citation checks, style review, and a final draft.

Source Verification

All authorities and sources referred are verified so as to proof that the material adequately supports the relevant assertion. The panel also verifies the authenticity and the accessibility of the relevant authority. The panel clarifies the doubts in collaboration with the author if any clarity is required. The panel may also recommend that the argument be refined during this process.

Citation Check

At this stage, the panel shall verify that citations comply strictly with the Bluebook (20th Edition).

Style Review

Style Review consists of the following steps: a spelling/grammar/usage check, both automated and by hand. A uniform styling is done during this process.

Final Draft

After the preceding steps, the team of assigned editors will do the final review of the accepted article, checking if various requirements have been complied with, fixing formatting, and editing for grammar and spelling.

Finally, an editor designated by the Editor-in-Chief, considering experience, constraints, and other factors, will compile all the articles into a final draft. After suggested edits are made and errors corrected, the article is included in the e-Journal and is published in the Website.